Re-Post Gluten-Free Prairie’s Simple Pandemic Survival Skills

I’m re-posting this today as we all seem to be ramping up to “shelter in place”. We want everyone to know that we are taking this very seriously here and also hoping to help our community – with a little more time on our hands – to  possibly see an opportunity to try something new. Please note: there is NO shortage of Gluten-Free Prairie products in Montana And Amazon is trying to keep our products son their shelves too.I’ll be posting more simple comfort food recipes too.



It’s a crazy time for sure.

Most of us have never seen anything like this in our lives. Even Montana seems to be shutting down. And for those of us who need to be Gluten-Free this time can even be more challenging. Where ever you are, I hope you are healty, warm and safe. And now…how do we make some lemonade out of these lemons? I have an idea!

FACT: Businesses and schools are closing. Many of us may be housebound for the next few weeks. What-cha going to do with all that time????

HINT: How about trying out some of my simple, healthy, delicious recipes? Cooking and baking for my family and friends always makes me feel like I have a little more control over my life. Maybe you’ll have the same result.

Let’s eat dessert first!  Deep Dark Chocolate Brownie Pudding Cake!

And this could be the perfect time to try our delicious Pizza! Country Club Pizza is a family favorite here.

Available as a FRESH dough throughout Montana, and as a mix on Amazon.

And these Buttery Skillet Biscuits are a favorite comfort food here too.

And speaking of comfort food….how about Chicken & Dumplings?

Chicken & Dumpli

















There are lots more recipes HERE. I hope you’ll try some and check back often. And I’ll keep baking up a storm here on the Gluten-Free Prairie.

And of course, Hope Springs Eternal. And Spring is coming. The fields are ready. We will be too.


PLEASE NOTE: There is NO shortage of any Gluten-Free Products at this time. But having said that – we are having some challenges keeping stock in our Amazon store. If you are one of Amazon Customers please know that several more pallets of products are on the way and Amazon has assured us they will get everything on their shelves ASAP.

BONUS for AMAZON customers – want a 20% instant coupon to use at checkout? Simply email me directly: and I’ll send you a special Promo Code.

Learn more about our Gluten-Free Prairie family and life on the Gluten-Free Prairie, and find our products throughout Montana HERE  and on our Amazon Brand Store HERE .

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