Cool Quick Menu to Keep Summer Alive & Delicious


When you think of Montana, do you think of Super Harsh Winters? Clear Bright Springs? Big Sky Summers? All of the above? All? Me too.

And, like every year, just as we’re getting used to Sunset Picnics on the River, and long evening rides in Clover, the reality is that the days are getting shorter, August is upon us which means this won’t be that far away….

But right now it’s 91 degrees!

After a great day in the Bakery, I’m loving cooking and baking cool summer fare for friends and family. On the menu tonight:

Tropical Groat Salad:

BRATS IN A BLANKET. So simple using our Fresh Pizza Dough.

And for dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake with Granola Crust

Bonus! After dinner we’ll still have time for a Sunset Ride.

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