Oats and Your Gut Microbiome

What is the Gut Microbiome? Sounds complicated right?  Not to worry – I’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

“The gut microbiota is with humans from birth and affects function throughout the body. The human microbiota consists of a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other single-celled animals that live in the body. The microbiome is the name given to all of the genes inside these microbial cells”

What does that mean to us? Great News! APC Microbiome Institute scientists have confirmed that gut microbes play a role in heart and gut health.  But there’s even better news. And maybe the Best News Ever…we can easily improve the health of our gut microbiome! Because their research demonstrates that regularly eating oats provides the amazing benefits of oat beta glucan for heart and gut health! So, for me, that means that our Purity Protocol Certified Gluten-Free Prairie oat products are a no-brainer! High in fiber, B-Vitamins and a great source of protein too.


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Scientists found that consumption of oat beta glucan not only lowered blood cholesterol in mice, it also helped keep body weight down and altered both the composition and functionality of the gut microbiota.  The level of butyrate, a type of fatty acid produced by gut bacteria which has been previously shown to protect against diet-induced obesity in mice, was elevated in this study. Of course, Gluten-Free Prairie Oats are high in Oat beta glucan, which also acts as a prebiotic and increased healthy bacteria in the gut which are being explored by others to treat obesity.

And while you’re soaking up all this great info about your Microbiome, please check out the regimes of our Purity Protocol Oat products. and why we will never use Glyphosate in any of our products.

The take home message seems to indicate that adding oats to your diet can truly reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease while also protecting your gut microbiota.

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