Got Gut Issues? More Great News About GFP Glyphosate-Free Oats

Certified Gluten Free Oats.The bad news about Glyphosate, the very nasty herbicide found in Round-Up is still  in the news today. You may have seen my post HERE from a couple of weeks ago where I clarified the difference between our Purity Protocol Oats and those other guys….

The question isn’t whether or not there is glyphosate in some oat cereals, that has been answered by the Court HERE. The issue is: Is Glyphosate harmful. If you still have any doubts – I believe this scientific abstract is a must read!

Thanks  to @TastyMeditation for re-tweeting my original post.

And please note the”oops” in my first post: Glyphosate is an Herbicide, not a pesticide.  I’ve corrected it now. Results are the same tho. Nasty stuff in our opinion.

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