I love Easter. It always signifies Spring which means New Beginnings.  This year is going to be a little different, of course. But no matter what, Spring is on the way!

And we got an unexpected surprise this morning too. Good to see the Easter Bunny is taking this thing seriously…


I started out the morning making Scones. This is Julia Child’s recipe for Scones. I just substituted the wheat flour with our All Purpose Flour Blend

No Easter Cookies this year – I know I would eat them all! But, when I can share them again, I’ll make sure to remind everyone that our Sugar Cookie Mix makes amazing cookie-cutter cookies.


Berry Pie with Gluten-Free Prairie Crust

And speaking of New & Fresh how about a Yummy Fresh Berry Pie?  

Couldn’t be simpler. Just use Our Best Sugar Cookie Mix for the crust.

Hope you enjoy your day.

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