Gluten-Free Father’s Day is Easy with Gluten-Free Prairie, Evansion GF BEER & CAKE!!!!!

Father’s Day is short – Eat Dessert FIRST!

I have never been a huge beer drinker, but when I was diagnosed in 2005 of course one of the things I found I was missing was a good beer. So over the years I tried every GF beer as they appeared on the GF scene. Most sorghum-based. ALL Horrible. In the last couple of years, I just stopped looking – no big deal. Then a few months ago I was contacted by Evasion Gluten-Free Brewery in Oregon. They were interested in using our Purity Protocol GF Oats in the expansion of their line of GF beers. They sent me samples and I was immediately hooked. I was amazed by the taste and quality of their products. NO sorghum! And Pure Beer taste.

In the last year I have sampled their beer around to our friends, family and customers (** I am the only one who is GF)  and NO one can believe the Evasion beers are Gluten-Free. We are really excited to be working with Evasion to bring a “real” GF beer to our GF community. Recently Georges Distributingadded Evasion to their list of quality beer – Of course there are numerous recipes using Guinness and other dark beers – and now I can make them ALL!. I’ve already tried two that I’m adding to my newest recipe index. See them below.

This delicious Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake is a crowd-pleaser for sure

Our Deep Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix & Evasion’s Tantamount Stout make this a must-try for anyone who’s ever had a Chocolate Cake made with that famous dark beer. RECIPE HERE

Next week I’ll tackle Beer-Battered Fish and a few other formerly unattainable gems.

I asked Co-founder / Patriarch Craig Lapp what makes his GF Beer taste like Beer. Below is his response:

“A fact that your readers might like knowing is about our GF testing. We test each batch of beer for gluten to make sure it measures under 10ppm. No enzymes are used as in “Gluten Reduced” beer, so the test ensures gluten safety.  The use of enzymes to reduce the size of the gluten particles tricks the test results to show a low gluten content, even though the gluten is in the product, no tricks from our brewery. In this industry there are many chances of cross contamination. Only testing can confirm the final result before packaging. Our beer is tested in house using the ELISA method, also, we send samples to a 3rd party lab to audit the results.”

Evasion, like Gluten-Free Prairie is a family owned business with a very interesting history.

The family are not brewers by trade, not even home brewers. They’re actually machinists and have been for generations.  So one of the traits of that profession is being a perfectionist and doing everything as exact as possible. On the other hand our Brewer, Ben, is super creative, great at thinking outside the box and trying new things. Both are really important in brewing, and our personalities balance well and have really helped us stay consistent but surprising.

Craig told me that one of the problems all Gluten Free Breweries face is convincing customers that “GF” doesn’t have to mean a compromise. Our missions from the start were to make good beer available to everyone, and change the perception of GF Beer for the better. He said the idea was that they would treat their product as quality craft beer first, and the fact it was gluten free was just a bonus. After all, if it didn’t taste good, who cares what it did or didn’t have, no one would want to drink it!

The Evasion Family story is so similar to our Gluten-Free Prairie Family. Gluten-Free Prairie Oat Harvest 2014 In fact, with just a few changes it’s almost identical. GFP Co-Founder Rick came from the medical world – A Perfusionist; a specialty in Open-Heart Surgery, and I was in the on-camera world. And Jer & Jenn are over-achievers for sure. Perfection is high on the list for all of the Wheaton’s. Our goal – also – has always been to bring quality Gluten-Free Products to GF and mainstream consumers. Delicious, naturally Gluten-Free products that just happen to be Gluten-Free.

It’s truly fantastical to me that our two families, coming from such different worlds,  we all found our passion –  in our own lanes – albeit on the same Gluten-Free Highway.

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