Still time to get 50% off our Bakers Box

I just checked our Amazon Store and there are still a few Bakers Boxes left. The 50% off instant coupon ends on January 11th. So…the clock is ticking.

This is the first time ever we’ve ever offered a  50% off deal. Got to admit – the family was slow to jump on board with my idea. But I reminded them that many Gluten-Free consumers – like me- are hesitant to try new GF products because most GF food is more expensive than conventional and much of it tastes awful. Result is many of us end with throwing it away, right? And I know we all hate wasting money and wasting food too.

So….50% off is the best way I can think of to inspire folks to try 3 of our Best-Selling Certified Gluten-Free mixes. FREE SHIPPING with Amazon Prime Membership too

Obviously I am very confident in my Gluten-Free Prairie line of products. The reason I created Gluten-Free Prairie was to bring Healthy Gluten-Free choices to the millions of Americans avoiding Gluten. I believe I have achieved that goal. (and the amazon reviews bear that out too).

Just use the Promo Code: 50Happy2021 at Check out on Amazon. Three of our Best Sellers at 50% off! The possibilities are endless.

To learn more about the Gluten-Free Prairie Bakers Box  check out the short video below:


Offer limited to one per Amazon account – while supplies last.

All Gluten-Free products are available in Stores throughout Montana, and on Amazon HERE.

Learn more about our Gluten-Free Prairie family and life on the Gluten-Free Prairie, and find our products throughout Montana HERE. And  HERE on our Amazon Brand Store 

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Here’s a link to the Bakers Box – Simply use the Promo Code: 50Happy2021 at checkout.

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