It’s Fall! Time to Start Cookin’ and Save 20% on our Oat Groats!

I’m not sure why, but Fall is always a time for me to explore new recipes. And since everything at Gluten-Free Prairie starts with the whole seed of the Oat plant – the Oat Groat, I usually start with it. And every Fall I discover new ways to enjoy this Super Food. I hope it’s time for to you to discover the amazing versatility of our Gluten-Free Prairie Raw Whole Grain Oat Groats. 

Gluten-Free Prairie Oat Groats

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Discover some delicious ways to use our Oat Groats!

Crazy Breakfast

Crispy Oat Patties

Huckleberry Meatballsgluten-free meatballs

Breakfast Oat Groat Parfait

Creamy Groat-Sotto with Shrimp

Creamy Chicken Soup with Groats

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