Is the Pesticide, Glyphosate in Gluten-Free Prairie Oats? 2021 UPDATE

Looks like Glyphosate in Oats is in the news again. First of all – Please know that there is absolutely NO Glyphosate used in any of our Purity Protocol Oat products.  (There are a few links in this post – click on the BLUE links to learn more about Glyphosate and also about Purity Protocol.)

I started writing about this issue a few years back when almost no one knew about it. Then it started going mainstream and the lawsuits against Quaker were made public. In 2021 Glyphosate in our food is still  an important issue. I’m glad to see more consumers learning about the danger of Glyphosate in Oats. Today, I’d like to take the opportunity to repost my blog post from 2018 HERE

Want to watch the Oat Harvest? Check out this time-lapse video. Jeremy edited it and add the music. Makes me smile every time I see it.

Gluten Free Prairie Oatmeal

As the popularity of oats continues to grow, I hope this issue will continue to be a topic of conversation and raise awareness in our Gluten-Free world. As you will learn if you read some of the links –  It’s so much more than just our Gut health.

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