Celebrate Your Gluten-Freedom with Deliciously Healthy 4th of July Treats

As we Celebrate our Freedom this week, we’re revisiting some of our favorite Summer Treats.

So turn up the Star Spangled Banner and let’s get this party started.

For years I really missed enjoying the traditional Hot Dogs at our 4th of July gatherings. I tried all of the GF hot dog buns and, in my opinion, they were all awful. Dry, crumbly and full of Xanthan Gum & preservatives. One day I decided to try my own version – I  cut our Pizza Dough it into strips and wrapped it  around some delicious Brauts. I threw them into a hot cast iron on the grill and they were delicious!!!!

We have a new tradition now. So simple with our Pizza Dough.

(Fresh Dough is available throughout Montana & Wyoming. Pizza Mix is available on Amazon)

And don’t forget to leave room for the Huckleberry Meatballs!

Followed by this light and festive Granola-Jello Pie  Super simple and sooooo yummy!

Happy 4th of July! Let FREEDOM ring.

All Gluten-Free Prairie products are available  in stores throughout Montana. And from our Local Montana Distributor: Quality Foods Distributing  And at Faire.com.

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