2023 Update! Gluten-Free Prairie Purity Protocol Oats. Is it important? What’s the Big Deal?

To make a Purity Protocol claim, oats must be grown in designated gluten-free fields, harvested and processed on designated gluten-free equipment.

Gluten-Free Prairie sources only third-party certified gluten-free purity protocol oats, which is why Gluten-Free Prairie Oats can take your Gluten-Free diet to a whole new level.

The purity of our gluten-free oat products is our #1 priority on the Gluten-Free Prairie. We are completely committed to source ONLY pure Purity Protocol gluten-free oats from farmers following strict purity protocols.

So, what are Purity Protocols and do they really matter? For Celiacs and those with severe gluten-intollerance… YES! they really matter! While we know that oats are naturally gluten-free, we also know they are often cross-contaminated in the field or in harvesting or processing. Some conventional oats can test up to 100 ppm of gluten! Some large manufacturers making a gluten-free claim believe they have achieved the 20 ppm threshold using a size and color sorting method. Beware! Some samples of these “sorted” oats have tested up to 90 ppm!

Why did our Gluten-Free Prairie family decide to center our entire business around Purity-Prococol Gluten-Free Oats? The health benefits of oats are well documented. And as a Celiac myself,  nutrition is very important to me. I believe that oats are among the most nutritious of all cereal grains, making them the perfect addition to any diet, especially a gluten-free diet. Pure Gluten-Free Prairie oats are also high in protein, fiber and B Vitamins, which are often missing in a gluten-free diet.


             Our goal is to provide gluten-free and mainstream consumers with healthy field to fork Purity Protocol Oat-Based products

All Gluten-Free Prairie products are available  in stores throughout Montana, from our Local Montana Distributor: Quality Foods Distributing , and at Faire.com. Also, as many of you know, we continue to have a difficult time keeping our products on Amazon. So, we are working to renovate our on-line store to make in easier for our customers to get our products quickly – directly from us! During the renovation, you can always order directly from our warehouse: contact@glutenfreeprairie.com, or call: 406-282-4280.

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