It’s National Oatmeal Month! What’s the big deal about Gluten-Free Purity Protocol Oats. Does it really matter?

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While the great news about the amazing health benefits of oatmeal continues to go mainstream, so does the the controversy about safety of gluten-free oats. At Gluten-Free Prairie, we take the purity of our gluten-free oat products very seriously.  Our company is based completely on third-party certified Purity Protocol Oatmeal, Oat Flour and Oat Groats. What does that mean? There is a very short and easy explanation  please see it by clicking HERE.

In addition to their purity, our oats are also high in protein. And while a high-protein diet continues to be trending, one of the hottest diet trends of 2018 seems to be a plant-based diet. (and by the way… oats are Paleo Friendly too. See more about that HERE.

Still it seems like the mainstream keeps telling us we need more protein – and I also think that’s true. Especially in a gluten-free diet. But now I’m finding that many experts believe Americans actually DO get enough protein, but we all could use more fiber, phytonutrients and B-vitamins and more plant-based foods. I guess it depends on which experts we choose to believe. Still, there’s no doubt that oats can add more of all the nutrients our healthy bodies need. Learn more about the amazing health benefits all oats HERE.

I hope you’ll consider adding our Purity Protocol Oats to your Healthy 2018 Diet.

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