Gluten-Free Prairie’s Solutions to Shortages & Social Distancing in the age of Covid 19

Gluten Free Prairie logoYesterday I learned there is now a shortage of yeast in the Gallatin Valley. Apparently, many folks who bought up all the flour last week are ready to make bread. I immediately felt their pain because I’m finding that cooking and baking is one of the things that comfort me in our Crazy New World. So, I checked my stock of yeast packets. (We put yeast packets in with our Pizza Dry Mix). Turns out that I had about 1,000 packets. I spoke to L&F market to see if they wanted to offer some of them for sale to their customers. (L&F is just a few doors down from our Gluten-Free Prairie Bakery – and they carry all of our products too). Joe (one of the managers) told me that they’d love to sell them, as they’re getting lots of customers looking for yeast every day. But there was a problem: the yeast packets we put in with our dry Pizza mix are not labeled for individual sale – so they couldn’t sell them.


So last evening I posted this on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram:

“If you’re near Manhattan, MT and need yeast – we can help you out. Our retail is closed, but we have wholesale packets available for sale. 3 packets – $3.00. If you’d like to get some, just shoot us an email:”


I was immediately inundated with emails. I responded, letting everyone that they could pick up their yeast at the back loading area of the Bakery today between the hours of 11-1:00. Right at 11:00 cars started driving up to our back entrance. I lifted the loading dock door – the folks put their money under a rock on the concrete pad, I put their yeast packets in a zip lock and the transaction was complete. The next car drove up. At one point I noticed a man walking down the alley watching us. Then I saw curtains moving in the apartments across from the Bakery. I just waved, that’s what Montanan’s do, right? At 1:00. I put the cash into cardboard box.

Sprayed it with sanitizer and went back to my work in the Bakery. A little while later I had a great conversation with the Sheriff.

I love this town 😊


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