Gluten-Free Prairie Oat Milk

Get it while it’s Hot! Apparently there is a new craze sweeping the U.S. And as with any new craze there comes the threat of a shortage. And it turns out that this latest plant-based milk craze is causing coffee shops to struggle to keep up with demand.
According to an article in Bloomberg, due to its popularity some coffee shops have been left without oat milk for days, or even weeks. Fear Not coffee fans. Using our Gluten-Free Prairie Toasted Oat Flour you can easily make your Oat Milk at home. Our Fine Grind Oat Flour dissolves quickly and completely in liquid  (I use filtered water) – no soaking or straining necessary. Bonus – add any flavoring of your choice for a delicious, satisfying alternative to high calorie and fat coffee drinks.

Find the super simple recipe HERE.

Oat Milk has become a favorite among baristas because it has a creamier texture than other alternatives to dairy milk and works well for foaming and latte art,

And our Heart Healthy Oat Milk is not only Gluten-Free, of course it’s vegan and dairy free!

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