Deb’s Holiday Favorites

I think this is my favorite time of year, but between the Gluten-Free Prairie Bakery, Christmas Shopping and Holiday parties – the Season can get so busy it can be hard to enjoy. So a few years ago I started a list of my favorite “Company Good” dishes. When the Holidays come along – I just consult the list. One more thing I don’t have to think about. Ahhhh. Can you feel the Joy? Here are a few of my Favorites:

  1. Toasted Oat Gravy with Brandy and Shallots: This amazing gravy comes together quickly. The Oat Flour will dissolve completely. Never separate, no grit and  will never clump. Truly amazing and simple too. No one will believe it’s Gluten-Free.
  2. Christmas Cookies: Turns out our All Purpose Flour Blend makes Grandma’s cookies as perfect as I remember!
  3. Overnight Chocolate Oatmeal: We all understand how crazy busy mornings can be especially during the holidays.  How awesome would it be to wake up to a steaming bowl of Chocolate Oatmeal?
  4. Gluten-Free Prairie Crepes with Honey-Ricotta Berry Sauce: Crepes are a festive treat our family has always loved. But Gluten-Free Crepes? That sounded like an oxymoron to us. Crepes that could roll and stack without sticking? No way. Yes way!
  5. Orphan Girl Brownie Pudding Cake: A luscious rich cake for sure, but it’s not too sweet. Very satisfying for dessert and chocolate lovers alike. Perfect for Holiday Gift Giving too. No one will believe it’s Gluten-Free!
  6. Santa’s Solution for a last minute stocking stuffer: With 10 gms of protein – no preservatives. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list.

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