Deb’s Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Favorites

Suddenly it’s November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

As I write this post we are getting our first serious snowof the season. For the last several months the horses have enjoyed grazing acres of pastures and chasing each other around every time the barometer drops. But today it all changes. Tonight they will be in a barn overnight with their winter blankets on. And knowing my horses are warm and dry allows me to focus on the beginning of my favorite time of year, which starts with my favorite Harvest recipes.

Pumpkin Orange Spice Muffins: (Pictured above)

Orange Spice Pudding Cake:  

Perfect Turkey Gravy: Every year we get together with family and friends around the Ranch. For a few years we had gravy-making competitions. But – our Gluten-Free Prairie Toasted Oat Gravy won every time. So now I just plan to make a big dutch oven full of turkey gravy. It’s simple and perfect every time. Our toasted oat flour blends completely for a rich and cream gravy that no one will believe it’s Gluten-Free. You can watch me prepare it with Jeremy in a one-minute video we did for CBS: And/or you can find the simple recipe HERE

All of our products are available throughout Montana and on Amazon too.

I’ll be posting a lot more Harvest favorites in the next few weeks.

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