Gluten-Free Prairie Potato Cakes

It’s often said our tiny town of  Manhattan, Montana is the “seed potato capital of the world”.  Our Annual Potato Festival attracts thousands every August, The parade including all the huge farm equipment  goes right in front of our Bakery.

After the potato harvest many of the growers open the fields to residents to come  for the “Potato Glean”.  Seems like a win-win as the fields get cleared out and root cellars are fortified.

But we are even luckier – as every year one of our friends who works with the potato growers delivers a huge bag of potatoes to the Ranch. And every year I try lots of new recipes to take advantage of the growers generosity and the bountiful harvest.

Today’s potato dish is a simple Potato Cake using local potatoes and our Gluten-Free Prairie All Purpose Flour Blend.



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4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Prairie Potato Cakes

  1. Janet Reply

    Do you have recipes that are dairy AND gluten free? I follow Medical Medium, Anthony William, on my journey to healing. I notice you use products that have flavors, spices, most of which are MSG which I also need to avoid. Some of the broths have too many ingredients that feed virus’ which I am avoiding. Unfortunately some spices have wheat added. Canola oils are GMO products and I cant use either. I do use avocado oil, unrefined, raw coconut oil, or a high quality Extra Virgin unrefined Olive Oil occasionally.

    • Deb Wheaton
      Deb Wheaton Post authorReply

      Hi Janet,
      Thanks for contacting me about our products and recipes. We love the Medium Medium as well – and we are honored that he recommends our Purity Protocol Oat Flour. We do not use any MSG in any of our flavorings or spices. And we NEVER have any wheat in anything. Our Bakery is 100% Gluten-Free. Also, (Unless there was a huge typo somewhere) all of our products and recipes are completely Gluten-Free. Our Oatmeal, Oat Flour, Oat Groats are all dairy free. All of our mixes contain milk powder. For your recipes, I would suggest you substitute our Oat Flour in your favorite dairy free flour blend, or soup, stew and/or gravy.
      Hope that helps.

  2. Cathy Mackiewicz Reply

    Love this story about the potato glean! Can you send me the recipe for the potato cake? I’m on my phone and can’t find a link anywhere in the article. Thanks!

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