Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies with Our Favorite 2 year old

We shot this video 2 yrs ago, with our favorite 2 yr old – who is now 4. I’m posting it again today to help us all get into the Holiday Spirit. If you have a 2 yr old – or a 20 yr old who acts like a 2 yr old, I hope you get in the kitchen together before the Season is over.

Our Christmas Cookie Bake was so much fun last year, we decided to post it again today.  Watch it by clicking on the picture. But now making the best Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies is even easier as we have added “Our Best Sugar Cookie Mix” to our line of Certified Gluten-Free Products.

All Gluten-Free Prairie products (including our Fresh Pizza Dough) are available in stores throughout Montana. And from our Local Montana Distributor: Quality Foods Distributing 

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