Are Oats Your Perfect Good Mood Food?

gluten-free oat harvestHow our food affects our mood is something that researchers have been looking at forever. Could it have to do with how we start our day? The American breakfast if often full of sugary treats and preservative-filled “protein” bars. Is it good to start the day on a sugar high? Probably not. Did you know that plants like OATS contain some awesome natural chemicals called “phytonutrients that can actually improve our brain health? It’s true. Researchers report that plants based proteins – like OATS have a wonderful way of making us feel good.Oats are also an ancient grain, super food and one of the best sources of carbs you can eat. Packed with¬† protein, B vitamins, fiber, magnesium, oats have been found to be one of the best foods to reduce anxiety, prevent depression, and help maintain a healthy nervous system.

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