What do Gluten-Free Consumers Miss Most??? How about Great PIZZA CRUST!!!!!

“What do you miss the most?” is often a question many Celiac and gluten- free consumers hear. I know I do. For me two things come it mind right away: A big baguette dripping with butter and PIZZA!!!!

While the perfect baguette remains elusive – the Perfect PIZZA dough recipe is HERE!!!

My process: I used a pizza stone heated to 500 degrees – perfect. Brown, crunchy and delicious. Then Jeremy cooked it in his pizza oven, and it was awesome. Then I cooked it in my Lodge large cast iron – again…perfect.

Finally I cooked the dough in a small Lodge Cast Iron (my favorite) to  make sweet little personal pizzas.

The I hosted 3 pizza parties with friends and relatives (where I was the only one gluten-free). The reviews were fabulous!

Somehow this simple recipe took years to perfect. Why??? I think I was over-complicating it. Then one day I tried making it with our All Purpose Flour Blend and WOW! It was perfect. When it finally came together we were all amazed. 

The Recipe is super simple and the dough can be chilled and/or frozen.

And if you’re just craving a simple, crispy flat bread – before you par bake the crust – just brush it with a mixture of garlic and butter.

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