Is the Herbicide, Round Up in your Oat Cereal?

Hearing the very scary news about the herbicide, Round up found in Cheerios and other oat-based cereals? Yikes! We are too. first the good news! There is NO glyphosate used in any of our Purity Protocol Gluten-Free Prairie oat products.

Now, the bad news. Last week a California man was awarded $289 million because of cancer apparently caused by glyphosate, which is basically Round Up, a very nasty herbicide made by Monsanto.

Besides being used to kill weeds, glyphosate is also a desiccate used to dry out the oat plant to help speed up Harvest. Our growers let nature decide when to Harvest.

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3 thoughts on “Is the Herbicide, Round Up in your Oat Cereal?

  1. Rebekah Reply

    So you know 100% that not one of your growers utilizes glyphosate on or around any of their other crops? I come from a farming family that has been growing certified organic crops for many years, and I know that we also utilized glyphosate in the past on other crops. (we have opted to stay away from it in its entirety over the past several years now) I know that it can ‘drift’ and end up in the soil of other crops that it wasn’t directly applied to at any point. I am wondering how you can state with 100% certainty that it hasn’t cross contaminated? Do you test for this in your facility?

    • Deb Wheaton
      Deb Wheaton Post authorReply

      Hi Rebekah,
      Thanks for your comment. Mostly I take the word of both of my growers – who also grow organic oats. I also have an official statement from the larger one.
      And I do know from a great friend of ours who is a potato farmer that it took him 12 years for his fields to test clean of glyphosate. Nasty stuff for sure.
      Hope that helps.

      • Rebekah Reply

        Hi Deb,

        Thanks for the reply, although I still feel unsure about the use of glyphosate on the plants you utilize in your products. You didn’t say whether or not you tested for it in your facility? Just trying to figure out if you have growers that are 100% dedicated to growing in soil that is clean of glyphosate and that it is not utilized in any amount on their farms. I have found one other producer in Montana that says they have their growers sign a contract that states no use of glyphosate, but when I spoke with them, I was told they couldn’t guarantee that nor did they test for it. Is there not a standard for testing for something as nasty as glyphosate in an industry such as yours?
        Thanks in advance,

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