Deb’s Mother’s Day Favorites


Around this time every year my mom used to say “Every day should be Mother’s Day”. Somehow that never caught on with us kids, but we always did our best to make one day super special for her. Now, like most mothers, I agree with my Mom.

Let’s make this Mother’s Day special. Here are a few of my Mom’s Day Faves:

Breakfast in Bed is a always a good start. Use our Pancake and Waffle Mix to make these Honey /Ricotta Blueberry Ricotta Crepes.

May is also National Salad Month. Tropical Groat Salad is one of our favorite salad treats. It’s super simple and, with no oil or mayonnaise, it’s safe on a picnic table for as long as you’re picnicking. Learn more about our amazing Groats HERE.

tropical saladAnd no Mother’s Day Celebration would be complete without CHOCOLATE!!!!

Orphan Girl Pudding Cake is a simple and decadent pudding cake is a perfect dessert and makes a great gift too. Orphan Girl (named after the famous Orphan Girl Mine) is a delicious liqueur made by Headframe Distillery in Butte, Montana

And speaking of Moms, my Mom knew how to PARTY!

Unfortunately Mom didn’t know that she had Celiac Disease and she died at 62 of a Celiac related blood disorder. May is also National Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Find out more about Celiac Disease HERE. And if you or someone you love shows symptoms, now is the time to get tested!


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