Gluten-Free Prairie’s Simple Solution to FDA’s Warning about Baby’s First Food

Problem: Arsenic levels in rice-based baby food

Solution: Gluten-Free Prairie Toasted Oat Flour Pablum! Containing one simple ingredient – our Pure Certified Gluten-Free Oats.GlutenFreePrairie_Slider-MeetGFPFamily

After years of research the FDA has just issued a serious warning about elevated levels of Arsenic in baby food – specifically rice baby food.

From the report:

Arsenic Levels In Infant Rice Cereals: Infants eat three times more rice than most adults, relative to their body weight. In earlier studies, the FDA found that infants who are 8 months old are the highest consumers of rice through infant rice cereals, which make up most of their diet. Arsenic can seep into rice from natural sources or from pesticides and fertilizers. This makes infant rice cereals as a top source of arsenic exposure among infants.”

We’ve been watching the FDA’s research evolve for a few years now; in 2013 I reported it here on my first blog: Not Even A Crumb. While the FDA has waited until now to make a formal recommendation about baby food, the word has been spreading. We’ve heard about an increase in the number of Pediatricians recommending that baby’s first cereal be oatmeal and I’ve been working on my own grassroots campaign here at Gluten-Free Prairie. Why is this important to our gluten-free community? Rice is the #1 grain ingredient in a gluten-free diet. Gluten-Free rice-based mixes and breads fill our store shelves. Therefore gluten-free consumers probably get more arsenic then the average consumer. So that also means that babies living in a gluten-free household are going to consume even more than the 3X noted in the FDA’s study. Now with the help of the FDA’s research – maybe it will be easier to spread the word to young mothers everywhere: Oats are higher in protein, lower glycemic and a great source of fiber and b-vitamins too. Everything that a growing body needs – without the Arsenic!

baby's first oatmeal
Baby Shane loves his Gluten-Free Prairie Oats

Baby Shane has never had rice cereal! He loves his Gluten-Free Prairie Oatmeal. You can find Gluten-Free Prairie Toasted Oat Flour here: Gluten-Free Prairie on Amazon

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