Gluten Free Prairie *BOOTH H-909* Redefines Traditional Baking and Snack Category

GFP Family in the windowExpo West in Anaheim, California is the largest Natural Foods Trade Show in the Country. We’ve exhibited there before, but had no idea what we were doing. With new packaging and our New Granola, this year we’re hoping to make a bigger splash.

Here’s a little press release I put out to try to inspire some of the buyers:

With Heart-Healthy, Higher PROTEIN Plant Based Montana Grown Oat Products

On-trend oat grain boasts higher nutritional properties than mainstream gluten-free products

 Manhattan, Montana (March 7, 2016) Gluten-Free Prairie, a woman-owned and family operated business is a gluten-free industry brand innovator, due in part to its unique plant-based oat protein flour blends, and higher protein finished products including their Best-Selling Hunger Buster Cookie and Montana Mornings Granola. Gluten-free consumers now have hundreds of gluten free choices and according to Mintel research, about 24% of American households have someone in their family who must eat gluten-free. But not all consumers are eating gluten-free food made with clean, plant based proteins, indicates Deb Wheaton, founder of Montana based Gluten Free Prairie.

“Everyone is familiar with the classic, old-fashioned oats that our grandmothers cooked and baked with, but not everyone knows about the health benefits of certified Gluten-Free Oat Protein, which provides essential amino acids that help with proper cardiovascular health and weight management,” points out Wheaton. “In fact, our Gluten-Free Prairie Oatmeal shows PROTEIN levels up to 35% higher than the majority of oats that are available to consumers today. That’s a powerful punch of PROTEIN.”

Wheaton drives home the message that healthy cooking and baking begins with their heart healthy oat products. Unlike other heavy and dense gluten-free flour blends on the market today, Gluten-Free Prairie’s Oat flour is a perfect one-one replacement for other starches in any gluten-free flour blend. “For all diners – our oat flour is a perfect thickener for soups and stews and makes delicious creamy gravy too.”


Gluten-Free Prairie Oat Groats are the complete whole seed of an oat plant and resemble the consistency of wild or brown rice, with a lower glycemic level than rice-based products. Packed with protein, this unique variety of Oat Groats can easily be prepared in a rice cooker or on the stove top and can be served exactly like rice alongside any entrée or in a salad for lunch.


Gluten Free Prairie remains committed to its mission of providing healthy gluten-free options for the millions of consumers who are avoiding gluten.


Consumers can find Gluten-Free Prairie products in stores nationwide


About Gluten Free Prairie

Gluten-Free Prairie was created after Deb Wheaton and her daughter were diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005. In 2012, the Wheaton family followed their passion and commitment to create high quality, great tasting gluten-free products for consumers by moving from Los Angeles to Manhattan, Montana. In addition, Wheaton is the sole food manufacturer on the Board of Directors of the Celiac Disease Foundation and has co-authored the cookbook, “500 Gluten-Free Dishes.” Gluten-Free Prairie is a proud member of the Western Sustainability Exchange. Visit or on social media:, @glutenfreeprairie ,

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