Gluten-Free Oats Are NOT Created Equal

gluten-free oat harvest

People often ask us, “What makes your oats so special?”

The purity of our gluten-free oat products is our #1 priority on the Gluten-Free Prairie. We are completely committed to source ONLY pure gluten-free oats from farmers following strict purity protocols.

What are Purity Protocols and do they really matter? Yes, they really matter! While we know that oats are naturally gluten-free, we also know they are often cross-contaminated in the field or in harvesting or processing. Some conventional oats can test up to 100 ppm of gluten! Some large manufacturers making a gluten-free claim believe they have achieved the 20 ppm threshold using a size and color sorting method. Beware! Some samples of these “sorted” oats have tested up to 90 ppm!

To make a Purity Protocol claim, oats must be grown in designated gluten-free fields, harvested and processed on designated gluten-free equipment. Gluten-Free Prairie sources only third-party certified gluten-free purity protocol oats, which is why Gluten-Free Prairie Oats can take a healthy gluten-free diet to a whole new level.

Why did our Gluten-Free Prairie family decide to center our entire business around pure gluten-free oats? The health benefits of oats are well documented. And as a Celiac herself nutrition is very important to Founder, Deb Wheaton. Deb knows that oats are among the most nutritious of all cereal grains, making them the perfect addition to any diet, especially a gluten-free diet. Our pure GFP oats are higher in protein than many gluten-free grains. Pure Gluten-Free Prairie oats are also high in fiber and B Vitamins, which are often missing in a gluten-free diet.

      • Our goal is to provide gluten-free and mainstream consumers with healthy field to fork products
      • Third-Party Certified Gluten-Free (CSA) – consistently testing at 5ppm
      • Non GMO – Great source of fiber and protein
      • Proud sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation
      • Proud sponsor of Western Sustainability Exchange “Conserving the Best of the West”


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