It’s almost 4th of July….what’s on your table?

If you’re Gluten-Free you know food at holiday gatherings can be challenging. Especially picnic-type food.

And if you’re like me, you put on a happy face and just say….”It’s OK, I’ll bring my own food”. And I got by. But secretly I really missed the traditional Hot Dogs at our 4th of July gatherings. I tried all of the GF hot dog buns and, in my opinion, they were mostly awful. Dry, crumbly and full of Xanthan Gum & preservatives. One day I decided to try my own version – I  cut our **FRESH Pizza Dough it into strips and wrapped it  around some delicious Brauts. I tossed them into a hot cast iron on the grill and they were delicious!!!!

We have a new tradition now. So simple with our **Pizza Dough


**Pizza Mix is available on Amazon HERE, or directly from US! Fresh Dough is available in stores throughout Montana & Wyoming. 

All Gluten-Free products are available in Stores across the U.S or….DIRECTLY from US! We’re working on setting up an eCommerce site – in the meantime, just shoot us an email:

We are distributed in Montana & Wyoming through Quality Food Distributing, nationwide via and on Amazon HERE

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