More Reasons to Love Our Gluten-Free Granola

gluten-free granola

Seems like every time I venture down the market aisle I find another gluten-free granola or oatmeal. And it seems to me that they’re all about the same. Could any of us tell the difference between all the gluten-free oatmeals? Probably not. And most of the gluten-free granolas are heavy and sticky or dry and clumpy.

So when the Gluten-Free Prairie Family talked about making a granola using our higher-protein gluten-free oats, we all agreed that it had to something very special.


So you think you want to start a Gluten-Free Bakery?

GFP Family in the window

Today is officially moving day! Welcome to the new home of Gluten-Free Prairie and my new blog:  “Little House on the Gluten-Free Prairie” It’s been along journey from there to here. And I’m excited to share “real life” adventures of starting a Gluten-Free Bakery – especially in the heart of Wheat Country, Montana. Along with realities of realizing the promise of the American dream that anything is possible. We’re creating new recipes weekly, like this one for Deep Dark Chocolate Brownies. Check out the recipe page for lots of other tasty treats using our GFP line of products.


Gluten Free Prairie Tropical Groat Salad

“Boy, I sure could go for some delicious groats, but it’s summertime and I’d really like something cool and refreshing to make as a side dish.” That’s what we thought too, so we decided to make up this warm weather side dish that will knock your socks off (which is good since it’s warm anyway). This tropical salad has mango, coconut, pineapple, and currants! It’s like the Gluten-Free Prairie is saying, “Aloha Y’all!”