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Deb’s Gluten-Free Summer Favori...

We are all pretty excited about our new pizza dough mix. But Coleslaw Pizza was one of those happy accidents when I didn’t have any toppings for my crust. Just add Coldslaw to your warm crispy crust. A surprising taste treat on a hot Summer night. Traveling through Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks this year? […]

Celebrate Your Gluten-Freedom to Make...

As we Celebrate our Freedom this week, we’re revisiting some of our favorite Summer Treats. So turn up the Star Spangled Banner and let’s get this party started. How about some Brauts in a Blanket? So simple with our Pizza Dough. Just cut it into strips and wrap around the Brauts. Throw them on the […]

Gluten-Free Prairie Pizza on the Gril...

We celebrated the Summer Solstice last week reminding us that we need to seize every outdoor moment as the days get shorter. If a backyard BBQ is in your plans this Summer, or maybe some weekend camping, consider Pizza on the Grill as an alternative to traditional BBQ fare See our Basic Pizza Dough recipe […]

On National Peanut Butter Cookie Day ...

Our Hunger Buster Cookie was our very first product here on the Gluten-Free Prairie. This awesome Heart Healthy Treat features our Purity Protocol Oatmeal, peanut butter,chocolate chips chips and raisins. With 10 gms of protein and NO preservatives, it’s “Darn Near a Meal in a Cookie” To Celebrate the Hunger Buster’s success and National Peanut […]

What do Gluten-Free Consumers Miss Mo...

“What do you miss the most?” is often a question many Celiac and gluten- free consumers hear. I know I do. For me two things come it mind right away: A big baguette dripping with butter and PIZZA!!!! While the perfect baguette remains elusive – the Perfect PIZZA dough recipe is HERE!!! My process: I […]

Our Best Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Our Best Gluten-Free Pizza Crust   Print Prep time 3 hours Cook time 20 mins Total time 3 hours 20 mins   Is it possible to make a great gluten-free pizza crust – without rice flour, Xanthan or other gums? Yes!!! And this one is super healthy too. No one will believe it’s gluten-free Author: […]

Deb’s Mother’s Day Favori...

Deb’s Mother’s Day Favorites

  Around this time every year my mom used to say “Every day should be Mother’s Day”. Somehow that never caught on with us kids, but we always did our best to make one day super special for her. Now, like most mothers, I agree with my Mom. Let’s make this Mother’s Day special. Here […]

April is National Autism Awareness Mo...

April is National Autism Awareness Month

The first time I heard about the benefit of a gluten-free diets for children on the autism spectrum (ASD) was back in 2006. And current studies continue to show benefits worth considering. According to Autism Parenting Magazine¬†most children with autism have a limited diet, and making dietary changes challenging. However, there ways to improve success […]

Finally…The BREAD!

Finally…The BREAD!

I’ll admit it, I am a Gluten-Free Bread SNOB! And when my customers ask me if we make a bread or a bread mix. My reply has always been the same: “No, because I haven’t found the right recipe” Until NOW! I’ve worked for years to find a bread that I would actually eat. One […]

Finally THE BREAD Recipe

Finally THE BREAD Recipe

I’m so excited to finally find a recipe for bread that truly works – with no rice, no corn, no Xanthan or gums of any kind. And no preservatives. Makes fantastic toast too. Finally THE BREAD Recipe   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 80 mins Total time 1 hour 40 mins   Finally […]